KORSIS Women’s Summer Casual T-Shirt Dresses Short Sleeve Swing Dress with Pockets Review

To reveal your softer and feminine side and look like a cute baby doll, KORSIS Women’s Summer Casual T-Shirt Dresses Short Sleeve Swing Dress with Pockets are the best things you can wear. Coming with a slightly rounded neckline and loose cut, these black and blue outfits will help you to move anywhere you want with full confidence and beauty. Along with ensuring soft and breathable fabric, these dresses are also very skin-friendly.

Features and Specifications:

These fanciful dresses are made of  95% Rayon and 5% Spandex. These are wearable in causal, outside, summer, spring, autumn, holiday and in work environment. Featuring above knee length, these have beautiful flower print on them. Various styles like loose fit, elegant, pattern, bohemian and tunic are available to choose from. These dresses come with 18 color variations and 7 size variations ranging from X-Small to XXX-Large. To accommodate your stuff, these dresses have nice pockets.


  • Soft and stretchy fabric.
  • No need to wear leggings with it.
  • Fit comfortably over large hips.
  • Suitable to wear in indoor and outdoor.
  • Two handy side pockets.
  • Available in many sizes and colors.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee.


  • Fabric too thin.
  • Fluffy bottom.
  • Clingy and fits small.


Our Recommendations:

To minimize issues with KORSIS Women’s Summer Casual T-Shirt Dresses Short Sleeve Swing Dress with Pockets, you should follow these recommendations made especially for these dresses:


  1. Some users have claimed that the size is smaller than they are supposed to be. So, try to order one size bigger to get a perfect size.
  2. We recommend hand washing for these dresses. However, you can also go for machine washing. After washing, proceed to dry quickly with little or no ironing. Heavy ironing will shrink your dress and harm the fabric.
  3. Use a small amount of detergent while washing.
  4. Try to wash with dresses of similar colors so that they do not overlap.
  5. You do not usually need leggings to wear with it. But we suggest you wear one if that seems a necessity.
  6. However, If you are not satisfied with the product anyway, return the product for change or claim 30-day money back guarantee.


Final Thoughts:


If you want some light black and blue outfits to wear comfortably in summer and outdoor, these dresses are ideal for you. These make a good combination with cape jewelry, heels, sandals or even sneakers. These simple dresses will add joy to you when you are hanging out with friends or having a tea party.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


Question: Are these dresses see through? Can anyone see my inner parts of the body or bodice through it?

Answer: No, these are not see-through. It does not reveal any private part of your body that you cover with it.


Question: Do these dresses shrink after getting washed?

Answer: The answer is no, provided you care for them while you wash. Always use cold water and do not iron heavily.


Question: Are these made of 100% cotton?  

Answer: Not actually. 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex were used.