Calvin Klein Boys’ Long Sleeve Sateen Dress Shirt Review

Calvin Klein is in business since 1968. Since then it is a brand people have their trust. It is one of the most popular brands in the world in the apparel industry. It produces formal and professional attires for people of all ages. However, this time, they have come with long sleeve Sateen shirt for boys. They have shirts for little, big and husky boys. The shirt they produce can be worn on any special occasions along with casual ones. Being classic and slim fit, these shirts are a very good choice for your boy.

Features and Specifications: 

These shirts are made up of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. They are imported from abroad. Featuring button closure, these shirts are very lightweight and flexible. Soft sateen cotton with polyester contributed to its comfort. However, the long sleeves and buttoned cuffs are accompanied by shirttail hem and 2 replacement buttons that you can use in case of necessity. These Calvin Klein button-down shirts offer you a range of colors and sizes to choose from. You have the full liberty to choose your favorite color and size. And another important thing about these shirts is, they go with almost all kinds of pants and blazers.


  • Very easy to care
  • Lightweight
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Can be worn with denim, shorts, and even chinos
  • Good to use for both day and night
  • Perfect fit




  • Thin almost to the level of see-through
  • Small collar



In spite of having many good points to say about the shirts, it is not free of issues. Some users have a complaint about the size (that those runs small) and some talked about the fabric and collars. Let’s see how to get the best of the shirts and how to care them for longer use.


  1. We recommend you to use the washing machine while you wash the shirts. Never use hot water to wash these. Keep in mind to use cold water always.
  2. When it comes to drying, you can use tumble dry.
  3. Take the measurement of your boy and compare that with the size chart to know which size will fit best for him. You can choose from small, big and husky size. Do not order without measuring the body shape of your boy.
  4. It is better to wear these shirts for formal occasions.
  5. Do not wash the shirts with clothes of another nature or color.
  6. Wear vests or something like that under your shirt, as it is nearly see-through.
  7. Try to wash it mildly.

Final Thoughts:

To express the individuality of your boy, these shirts contribute something. They do not need to worry about the style and comfort when they wear it. As Calvin Klein always does, these shirts are made of high-quality materials and will last long if used carefully. Now the decision is all yours, whether you will make your boy feel good and comfortable with the shirts, or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 


Question: Is the shirt shiny? 

Answer: Not that much.  


Question: Are these made of heavy fabric or see-through?  

Answer: These are not as thick as oxford fabric. However, using undershirt is a good idea for the fabric of this kind.