Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty Review

Amazon Essentials never stops to surprise with quality products. And they are not an exception with this cotton stretch bikini panty for women. Providing with comfortable and long-lasting fabric, Amazon Essentials is also very true to their size chart. You can believe them regarding this. You can find these panties with various size and color variations. You can buy a pack of 6 or 10 according to your need. Let’s have a look at the main features of the panties offered by Amazon Essentials.

Features and Specifications: 

These panties are made of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane. To ensure the quality, these are imported from abroad. Being without closure, these panties come with a hint of stretch. It will ensure that these fit perfectly with the body. However, these panties have more than five colors to choose from. Being available from X-Small to XX-Large size, these are perfect for people of all kinds of body shape. To ensure tag-free comfort, it features printed level at back waistband.



  • Durable fabric with stunning quality
  • Perfect fit
  • Available for people of all body shapes
  • Beautiful design
  • Many color variations
  • Different size available
  • Comfortable



  • Color is not long-lasting
  • Leaves lint after a certain period of time



Though it has a good rating on Amazon, there are some users who have said that the panties run small. And there is a little percentage of users who have mentioned that it loses its color and leaves lint by the passage of time. However, here are some of our suggestions that may help you to use it for a longer period.


  1. We recommend machine washing while you wash these panties.
  2. Use a little amount of detergent or liquid soap and wash them very gently.
  3. Do not over-dry these panties. Any cloth will toil if you keep them under basking sun for long. Try to dry these panties using the washing machine or inside the room environment.
  4. If you hand wash these panties, do not pressurize them much while washing as that may lead to bringing out the lint out of the fabric.
  5. Always follow the size chart before ordering. If you do not, you may end up getting smaller or bigger panties than you need.
  6. Wash these panties with other clothes of same kind and color.


Final Thoughts:

Panties are one of the most essential apparels for women. But, panties of low quality are not very much helpful. So, it is very important to find one that will be comfortable and of good quality simultaneously. If the right panty is not chosen, a woman will not feel good. Amazon Essentials Women’s cotton stretch bikini panty is really a good choice in this respect.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 


Question: Do the panty has panty lines? 

Answer: It varies. All don’t have panty lines.


Question: Do these panties come with cotton-lined crotch? 

Answer: Yes, these have the feature.  


Question: How much do these shrink? 

Answer: Not that much except you wash them severely with hot water!